Downeast Lakes 5-Miler
Saturday, Aug 17, 2019
Grand Lake Stream, ME


Downeast Lakes Land Trust

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Baxter Brewing Co.
Lewiston, ME
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Downeast Lakes Land Trust
Grand Lake Stream, Maine
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Teens To Trails
Brunswick, ME
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Discipline(s): Trail Running

Race Options:

Solo 5-mile Trail Run (Loop)

Event Description:

For those who have never traveled to Grand Lake Stream, you're in for a real treat. For those who have, welcome back.

Taking place on the western shore of West Grand Lake, and co-hosted by the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, this race consists of a 5.1-mile loop on single track hiking and dirt, motorized-vehicle paths.

The terrain is coarse at times and racers should expect roots, rocks, and mud throughout large sections of the course. But for each drop of sweat you shed, you'll be rewarded with complete isolation. No cars, no homes (except for a few small cabins), and no pavement. This is a true wilderness trail run designed for those looking to immerse themselves in nature.

Downeast Lakes Land Trust is dedicated to the Downeast economy and environment. They protect lakeshores, manage a Community Forest, improve fish and wildlife habitats, provide public recreation opportunities, offer educational programs, and support jobs in the forest and on the water. Baxter Outdoors is grateful for the opportunity to partner with DLLT.

This race is the day before DLLT’s 16th annual West Grand Lake Canoe Races. Bring your running shoes for Saturday, and your boat and paddle for Sunday, and make a weekend of it in Grand Lake Stream!


$30/$35 ----- 5-mile Trail Run (EarlyBird/Normal)

*Youth 16 & under always race for $15

What's Included:

● Entry to Race
● Baxter Outdoors: Multi-Use Bandana Buff
● Day-of race snacks and water
● Other Baxter Outdoors swag (i.e. stickers, magnets, etc)
● Baxter Beer glassware (for first 36 entrants)

Event Schedule:

8:30am: Race Registration Open
9:45am: Race Registration Closes
10:00am: Shotgun Start

Event Address:

Shaw Street, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668

*There will be parking avaiable at the dam on Shaw Street

**Please show up at least 30 minutes prior to race start time

Podium Categories:

The top 2 finishers will be recognized in each gender/age category:

Terms and Conditions:

*Tickets are non-refundable

*Tickets are fully transferable

*All racers must sign a liability waiver prior to competing.

*All ages are welcome to race, though those under 18 y/o must sign a liability waiver on the day of the event in the presence of a responsible adult.

*Course is subject to change based on trail and weather conditions

*The race will be run snow, rain or shine except in the presence of lightning or blizzard, in which case a race delay or cancelation may result

*A cut off time for racers may be enforced.

*In the instance of the race being canceled due to an act of god (blizzard, hurricane, etc) a refund will not be issued. This is very unlikely. We have never canceled a race.

*In the instance of the race being cancelled due to shortcomings of Baxter Outdoors, a full refund will be issued to all participants.
How difficult is this event?

This course is designed for beginner, intermediate and expert atheletes alike. If you plan on competing for the win, this course will pose a challenge. Footing is typical of a hiking trail in that it is uneven at times. Roots, rocks, and mud are present. This is not a flat dirt path. This is a east coast hiking trail. The course is mostly flat with several very short, up and down sections. The first 2.5 miles follow a dirt ATV road while the 2nd 2.5 miles follow the countour lines of the lake shore. Those looking to walk will discover a beautiful, mellow course.

Can I get a refund?

Similar to other live events (concerts, sporting events, etc), all sales are final. If you will not be able to make your race, you are more than welcome to give your ticket to a friend or family member. Please contact our office with any issues or questions.

Can kids participate in this event?

All ages are welcome to attend this event. Depending on the venue, age restrcitions may apply on the Baxter Brewing Co after party. Please see the event details tab for information on the afterparty and any applicable age restrictions.